General information

In the 18th century, sheep cheese manufacturies were established in Slovakia: the first one was in 1787 in Detva, and the second one in Zvolenská Slatina in 1797, which is still operating nowadays. Demikát, together with sheep cheese gnocchi, is another Slovak traditional dish, for the preparation of which this type of cheese is used. 


Cut the onion into cubes, roast it with lard until golden.

Add cumin, ground red pepper, sheep cheese and potatoes cut into cubes.

Stir and pour it over with 1l of hot water. Cook until the potatoes become tender.

Savour with salt and ground pepper. Stir the soup until smooth, you may also add cream and sprinkle with chives.

Serve with gnocchi or bread cut into cubes and baked with lard.


Source: Slovak Tourist Board