General information

Panissa, popular in Northern Piemonte (Italy), is a peasant dish made with rice and beans (a kind of risotto), which is quite rich and can work well as a one-course meal. 


Begin the night before, by setting the beans to soak.

The next day, set the beans in a pot and cover amply with cold water. Add the salami and the pig skin, and cook covered over low flame.

When the beans are fairly close to being done - figure after 60-90 minutes - sauté the onion, garlic lard, and rosemary in the olive oil, in a broad, fairly deep pot. Cook gently, stirring occasionally, and when the onion is golden (don't let it brown) remove and discard the rosemary.

Remove the salami and the pig skin from the bean pot. Peel the salami, and coarsely chop both salami and pig skin. Add them to the herb mixture. Stir, add the rice, and a glass of red wine. Check seasoning and cook, stirring, for a few minutes. Add the beans and the bean broth, mix well, and simmer until the rice is just shy of being done. Stir in the remaining glass of wine, cover, and let sit for a couple of minutes.

Expect a spoon to stand upright in the pot, and serve it with freshly ground pepper for those who want it. And a hearty red wine, either a Barbera, or a Nebbiolo-based wine from the Alto Piemonte, for example Gattinara, Boca, Ghemme, or Lessona.


Source: Biella Chamber of Commerce