General information

Bread is a symbol of food in Lihuania’s culture where it is repared with rye flower and imprinted with the sign of the cross that it never runs out.


Prepare the yeast one day before – mix a handful of flour with warm water and leave it to rise over the night. On the next day, pour in the rest of flour, sugar, salt and caraway seeds. Knead it for about 2 hours, leave for about 12 hours to rise. On the baking day, knead once again and add seeds (linseed, sunflower) and knead again for a short time with wet hands. Place sweet flag leaves on the metal plate. Place the dough and form a loaf of bread with wet hands. Bake in a hot oven for about an hour. After taking the bread out from the oven, moisturize its surface several times with wet hands, so the crust is not to hard. Cover it with a dry material until it cools.


Source: Alytus Tourism