General information

You can get a taste of authentic Lithuanian cuisine by trying cold beetroot soup, made with natural beet juice and kefir. The latter gives an indescribably refreshing taste to this cold soup. Kefir is one of the oldest fermented milk drinks known to humanity; it is low-calorie (with just 59 kcal in 100 g) and has a positive effect on many bodily functions. Every Lithuanian family makes this low-calorie soup according to their own recipe.


Finely chop the vegetables: cucumbers, beets (you may grate these), onion leaves and dill. Mix them all in a large bowl.

Pour the kefir over the vegetables, flavour with salt according to taste, mix and let stand for several minutes (the longer the mixed vegetables stand, the tastier the soup will be).

Pour the soup into bowls, cut the boiled egg in pieces into the bowls. The cold soup is served with hot boiled potatoes flavoured with dill. 


Source: Lithuanian State Department of Tourism