General information

Hungarian cuisine is a synthesis of ancient Asiatic influences mixed with Germanic, Italian and Slavic influences. It is considered to be a melting pot of the continent, with its own original cuisine from the Magyar people. Chicken paprika is one of the most famous Hungarian stews, which is a simple but tasty dish made with chicken, onions, sour cream, flour, tomatoes, peppers and paprika.


Clean and quarter the chicken. Finely chop the onions and fry in oil until golden. Sprinkle with ground paprika, pour on 3 dl water and add the chicken. Season with salt. Cover with a lid and cook in a little juice. When brown, top up the liquid. Cut the sweet red pepper and tomatoes into strips, and add before the chicken is completely cooked. Continue to cook. Finally, thicken with sour cream thickened with flour, season and heat thoroughly. To serve, pour the sauce over the meat. Serve hot with gnocchi.


Source: Hungarian Agricultural Marketing Centre