General information

The Cabbage Soup with Smoked Ribs (Kapusniak) is a tasty Polish dish prepared from a blend of cabbage, ribs and vegetables. Sometimes Polish cabbage soup is served with fried smoked bacon which adds a special taste to this typical dish.


Melt the butter in a pot and fry the diced onion until transparent. Add a pinch of caraway seeds and continue to fry, stirring from time to time. Add peeled and sliced carrots and continue to fry for several minutes on medium heat. Pour the broth in. Add smoked ribs as well as peeled potatoes cut into a medium-sized dice. Put the lid on and boil until the vegetables are soft and the meat starts to give off its aroma. Squeeze the sour cabbage gently to drain it, and chop it if it is too long. Put it into the soup. Boil the soup for additional ten minutes or so. Season with pepper and salt to taste. You may serve the soup together with small pieces of fried smoked bacon added to each portion.

Source: Polish Tourist Organisation