In mid May, the Slovak Food Festival brings together a big open-air gastronomic event and the chance to enjoy one of the landmarks of Bratislava City, namely the Bratislava Castle. This event is a kind of enormous picnic that attracts thousands of visitors eager to sample traditional dishes, attractions and a fun atmosphere.

Join the biggest and oldest food festival in Slovakia, Gurman Fest Bratislava 2015, which will take place from June 19th to June 21st . The motto of the festival is: Don’t cook at home. Table for you is set on Dostihova draha in Petrzalka.

The seventh year will feature among many winemakers, farmers and producers of various delicacies  25 restaurants, 54 chefs  and 3 Michelin-starred chefs.

Only once a year, you have a chance to explore unique wine cellars hidden underground of a historical town of Trnava. This "Little Rome", located only 50 kms from Bratislava, is known for abundance of churches and medieval atmosphere. What a good spot to enjoy good wine!

The Tokaj region is famous for its delicious sweet wine, typical for Slovakia and Hungary. A good time to taste the best Tokaj wine is at the end of September (25th - 26th) when the village of Čerhov hosts a lively wine festival.

Cabbage Days Events

The town of Stupava, located only 20 km north-west from Bratislava in the distinctive region of Záhorie, is the cabbage capital of Slovakia. From Friday till Sunday (October 2nd to 4th 2015), Stupava becomes the venue for the largest festival in the Záhorie region. 

September is the perfect time to visit the Little Carpathian wine region near Bratislava. During the Festival, Pezinok, the wine capital of Slovakia, becomes a venue for massive wine tasting. Local bands, authentic food and grape must are all part of it.

All the routes lead to Rome. However, these goose routes lead to 100-year old tradition of goose baking in the village of Slovenský Grob, located just 20 kilometres from Bratislava. 

Trdlofest Events

A day full of a traditional cake "trdelnik", wine and good mood...

Winter Food Festival is a unique festival in Slovakia. Third year offers a chance to taste 40 of the best Slovak restaurants according to popular guide Gourmet in Slovakia. During the festival, restaurants offer next to their regular menu also a special festival menu for discounted price! Festival menu consists of three meals in categories: Our iconic meal, Regional flavours and Our mothers’ recipe.

Goose Feast Events

Veľké Trakany, village located in south-eastern corner of Slovakia, only a few kilometres from Hungary and Ukraine, will host the Goose Feast (Svätomartinský Festival) and market of home made products. Authentic experience with cross-border international participation!