The Carniolan Sausage Festival (Kranjska klobasa) in Sora pri Medvodah is one of the best known gastronomy events in Slovenia that takes place in August. The festival will be held for the sixth year running and will feature the judging of sausages and tastings. In the evenings, visitors will be able to relax and let themselves go to the notes of folk music performed by ensembles.

For those who love participating in genuine traditions and experiencing authentic regional food, the International Sausage Festival, held in the village of Sládkovičovo, in the Slovakian Trnava Region, is a must! This annual celebration gives visitors the opportunity to taste a large number of varieties and preparation methods of traditional sausages and enjoy a really fun atmosphere.

The traditional Gornooryahovski Sudzhuk sausage is one of the most popular products in Bulgaria and has a distinctive aroma, a spicy taste and is intended for direct consumption. This Protected Geographical Indication has a guarantee of high quality and is the result of the local population’s traditional skills.