Cheeses are, by excellence, part of the South Carpathians culinary and cultural tradition and its diversity is given by its high pastures and specific production techniques. Our route goes from East towards West along the Cindrel Mountains and passes through stunning places!

The festival, at its second edition, aims to promote the local food culture from Southern Transylvania. The visitors will have the opportunity to discover and understand the authentic local gastronomy, both food and seasonal recipes, through seven culinary events.

This hearty soup, pronounced ‘looshcosh’ in Romanian, hails from Ardeal (a region of Transylvanian Romania) and probably comes from the Hungarian soup called lucskos kaposzta.

Apricot Jam Recipes

A delicious dessert, the apricot jam distinguishes itself with its unique flavour, being one of the least “sweet” jams and definitely one of the most delicate desserts for a hot summer day and not only.

Meatballs of various types are an integral part of Romanian cuisine and the word chiftea (pl. chiftele) (pronounced /kif-te-a/ – /kif-te-le/) is clearly an indication of their Turkish origin, the word being a corruption of the Turkish kofte and related to the Middle Eastern kafta.

“Ostropel” is a Romanian dish that can be found all around the country; each area having their own variations, additions, or omissions. Even the chicken is exchangeable, and the dish could easily be cooked with chicken livers, pork chunks, or even a vegetarian version with the meat replaced by potatoes or another solid vegetable.

Eggplant Salad Recipes

This aubergine salad is served as a starter along with crust bread and various other ‘salate’ or on the table for a late summer barbeque. It can easily be made well in advance and make plenty, because it’s also extremely delicious just on its own for a lunchtime snack, and all the better with some crispy grilled ‘lipia’ bread (a kind of round thin bread, something like a flatbread or pitta).

Pancakes, or clatite, are a big part of the Romanian dining experience. Most restaurants, from the lowliest neighbourhood carciuma (a kind of bar-bistro) to the more elegant downtown restaurant will serve pancakes of some sort.

The National Trout Festival in Ciocăneşti, held each year in August, on the feast of the Assumption, continues Bucovina’s tradition of presenting the gastronomic delicacies prepared out of trout. This festival is recognized at national and international levels as being the only trout festival in Europe.

While the Danube Wine Route is a must for wine lovers, it is also the ideal trip for those who want to discover places and traditions not yet discovered, across different countries in central Europe. This amazing transnational journey crosses 12 different wine regions and provides a unique experience that mixes wine and food, culture, history, nature and traditions while the Danube River remains a permanent fellow traveller.