An event of agricultural and competitive character featuring displays of dairy products and selection of the best cheeses and other dairy products from the territory of Pljevlja Municipality

On the 4th of October, the town of Budva will be celebrating the Day of Horse Mackerel!

Days of Honey Events

An event of the show-and-sell character.  The event is regional and gathers beekeepers from both Montenegro and neighbouring countries.

The northern region of Montenegro is covered by high mountains and the soil is convenient for some special cultures such as forest fruits, blueberry or edible mushrooms, as well as wild medicinal herbs. Blueberries are part of the landscapes and a much appreciated ingredient in a lot of recipes and dishes.

Explore the Montenegro Wine Trail in the regions of Crmnic and Nahija, just some 30 km from the sunny coast of the Adriatic Sea, between picturesque Lake Skadar (Scutari) and the town of Cetinje. Here, the tradition of growing two autochthonic varieties of grapes, Vranac and Kratosija, has been passed down from generation to generation.


The natural and ethnographical diversity of Montenegro have left a substantial trace on the country’s cuisine. One of its traditional dishes is carp in a frying pan, but there are many other recipes made with this fish, such as carp on dried plums, apples and melon or carp grilled on onions. 

Balsica Tava Recipes

Have you ever tasted Montenegrin cuisine? Let's start with this delicious dish made with veal, vegetables, eggs and sour cream. You are going to love it.

Zucenica Fest Events

In the Coastal Region of Montenegro, an annual festival focusing on an indigenous wild lettuce called Žućenica is held. The village of Tivat hosts this event, where old and new recipes using Žućenica are shown and visitors can also enjoy traditional singing and dancing.