This ancient Madeira wine making tradition, annually promoted in the local village of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, combines various cultural activities with wine making rituals, such as the picking of the grapes, the carrying of grapes to the press and other traditions related to a typical Madeira feast, which are fully enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Chestnut Festival is a very popular event with lots of entertainment, traditional food and drink. Visitors can sample various specialties made of chestnut, roasted chestnuts, liquors and pastries.

The traditional Madeira Honey Cake, “bolo de mel” in Portuguese is usually made for Christmas, but it can also be found all year round on the island. It is a custom to make enough of this cake in order to have some during the whole year. Once cooled and thoroughly wrapped into vegetable paper it remains good until next Christmas without losing quality or taste.

The black scabbard (Aphanopus carbo) is a fish originally from Madeira. It lives in deep waters, around 1000 meters deep  Due to the natural habitat it lives in; it is a dark fish with big eyes, very different from the scabbard fish  in mainland waters. It is about 1 meter long and it  lives between 4 and 10 years. It is mainly captured by the Câmara de Lobos deepsea fishermen.

The cultivation of vines in Pico began in the late 15th century, when the island was first settled. Thanks to the volcanic soil rich in nutrients, the dry, warm microclimate of the slopes protected from the wind, heated by the sun, the Verdelho variety vines have exceptional ripening conditions here.