Food Festival


In mid May, the Slovak Food Festival brings together a big open-air gastronomic event and the chance to enjoy one of the landmarks of Bratislava City, namely the Bratislava Castle. This event is a kind of enormous picnic that attracts thousands of visitors eager to sample traditional dishes, attractions and a fun atmosphere.

At the end of August, the delights of various Finnish provinces meet in Helsinki city centre for the ‘Delicacies of Finland’ Event (Herkkujen Suomi). It is an event that has become a must for visitors to the Finnish Capital City in summer. It is the perfect chance to take a journey across the world of flavours Finland has to offer without ever having to leave Helsinki.

Come along and join the Saint Anne's Square Taste of Summer Food Festival, a summer celebration of the finest local and international food and drink.

Streat Helsinki is all about street food. The event is aimed to showcase the potential and diversity of street food in Helsinki.  Streat Helsinki is an invitation to take part in creating a better street food city.

Åre Gastronomy presents a smorgasbord of culinary events and activities. The event runs throughout a week, and use the village’s restaurants, hotels and surrounding environments as its venues.

The second edition of the Winter Food Festival will offer a special food menu in more than 30 restaurants in all eight regions of Slovakia.