Copenhagen Cooking is a ten-year-old festival that has become the most renowned international cuisine event in Northern Europe and reasserts Copenhagen’s role as the gastro capital of Scandinavia. The winter edition is a real paradise for food lovers that lasts a whole month. The event includes not only new cuisine experiences and food markets but also countless other events across the entire city.

The annual food market in Funen offers a chance to taste the rich food culture of the region, which has grown in popularity for its artisan food in recent years. The products on offer are not only representative of the culinary history of the region, but also show the modern production of high-quality dishes. 

Copenhagen Cooking is one of the biggest food festivals in Northern Europe. For ten days in August, you can take a bite of the New Nordic Cuisine and experience the Copenhagen restaurant scene. It is an open-source festival that profiles Danish gastronomy by paying homage to the food culture, Nordic cuisine and the players on the gastronomic stage.

The Beer Festival in Copenhagen is a not-to-be-missed event for beer enthusiasts and attracts thousands of revellers each year. It’s a unique chance to enjoy more than 800 different beers from both Danish and foreign breweries and to learn about beer’s production processes. 

Are you and the love of your life in need of some time together, sharing great experiences? “Love on a bicycle” is a romantic mini-break in one of the most cultural and scenic parts of Denmark. Stay at the beautiful seaside hotels, hostels and Bed & Breakfasts, where you are gently woken by the sea air, and cycle to the local farm shops producing everything from grapes in bottles to chocolates in boxes.

Frikadeller is the Danish national dish and it is very easy to prepare. Frikadeller are flat, pan-fried meatballs made of beef and pork. A typical Danish Frikadeller dinner includes Danish red cabbage, Danish cucumber salad, sugar brown potatoes and brown gravy. 

In Denmark, these world-famous sticky delights are called Vienna Bread (wienerbrød), as they were first made in Denmark in 1840 by Viennese chefs. Danish pastries rose in popularity over the centuries and are now a firm favorite of most Danes.

Between the 4th-6th of September all kinds of gourmet food once again meet at Aarhus Food Festival to celebrate the Nordic food culture. The Food Festival is an annual food event taking place in the city of Aarhus and is now the biggest food festival in the North.

The meat from "Vadehavsstude" comes from young cattle that graze on Denmark's west coast and has a distinct flavour due to the meadows' salt content. The grasses are rich in nutrients and particularly wholesome, and give ‘Vadehavsstude’ its special quality. Blind taste tests of the Wadden Sea beef prove that the meat is more tender, juicier and more fragrant than conventional beef.