Coast and the Karst


Selinka Soup Recipes

Šelinka is a thick soup made from celeriac roots and leaves, potatoes, carrots and spices. A pig's trotter or some other piece of smoked or dried pork meat is often cooked in it. It can be served with polenta. 

The Slovenian region of Istria is one of the leading wineproducers in the country. The fertile soil and climate of Istria are perfect for wine producing and because of it, many varieties of grapes – both red and white – grow in the region. 

Where the Karst ends, Teran ends, too

Teran, this highly prized and unique wine from the Karst region with a deep ruby colour, moderate alcohol content and health-promoting characteristics, was prescribed therapeutically by medical doctors in the 19th century to anemic and pregnant women – it was even sold in Trieste’s pharmacies!