Cabbage Days Events

The town of Stupava, located only 20 km north-west from Bratislava in the distinctive region of Záhorie, is the cabbage capital of Slovakia. From Friday till Sunday (October 2nd to 4th 2015), Stupava becomes the venue for the largest festival in the Záhorie region. 

This hearty soup, pronounced ‘looshcosh’ in Romanian, hails from Ardeal (a region of Transylvanian Romania) and probably comes from the Hungarian soup called lucskos kaposzta.

The surroundings of the town Stupava, in the region of Záhorie on the Slovak-Moravian border is considered to be the most appropriate area for growing cabbage in Slovakia.

„Dni zelá“ or "The Days of Cabbage" (since in Záhorie, cabbage is called „zeló“) are regularly held there in early October. There are several popular dishes made from cabbage.

Roast Goose Recipes

Autumn in Slovakia belongs to goose feasts, with their long tradition especially in the Small-Carpathian region. Breeding of geese and goose feasts in Slovakia have about a hundred year long tradition that is related to the southern regions of our country. The tradition of roasting goose came to Slovakia from German-speaking countries, especially Austria and Germany, where it is associated with the feast of St. Martin.

The name Trinity derives from the three main ingredients used for this dish: kohlrabi, potatoes and beans. Kohlrabi is a widely overlooked vegetable and was traditionally used as pig food. Due to famines and lack of other ingredients, local cooks started to use it in their traditional dishes and soon mastered its preparation.

Cabbage Soup Recipes

The Cabbage Soup with Smoked Ribs (Kapusniak) is a tasty Polish dish prepared from a blend of cabbage, ribs and vegetables. Sometimes Polish cabbage soup is served with fried smoked bacon which adds a special taste to this typical dish.

Norwegian Lamb Recipes

Fårikål is among the best in the world. Over 95 per cent of Norwegian lambs graze in outlying pastures along the coast, in the forests and mountains and over vast expanses of untouched nature. Autumn is the ideal month to enjoy lamb in Norway, which can be tasted in a large range of preparations, flavours and cuts. But undoubtedly the most traditional one is Fårikå - made of lamb and cabbage- which is a typical early autumn dish.

The highest concentration of cabbage growing land in Europe is located in northern Germany, in the Dithmarschen district. The German Cabbage Route is a 130 kilometer long route that introduces visitors to the land where this vegetable - one of the basics of German gastronomy – grows, reaching the National Park Wadden Sea, Natural Heritage of UNESCO.