Krkonose Soup Recipes

This is a typical soup in the Krkonose Mountains and the adjacent regions. It is made of bread yeast and served at almost all restaurants in the Krkonose region of the Czech Republic.

Traditional folk fair with cultural - entertaining program for children and adults. Colorful falling leaves, the smell of sweet honey and mead, a show of traditional arts and crafts.

“Vintage” is the grape harvest festival held annually each autumn. It is celebrated throughout the more important Czech cities whose wine experience dates far back. Litoměřice’s “Vintage” is the largest celebration of wine in northern Bohemia and is accompanied by an intense cultural program with a procession of knights, medieval music and, of course, tasting of the wines produced across the entire region.

Litoměřice Wine Route is a 20 kilometers long circular route that introduces visitors to one of the most popular wine regions in Bohemia. The Litoměřice Wine Route offers an enjoyable experience for wine lovers, moving through the history, traditions and customs of this historical wine growing area. It also provides a magical trip that takes visitors to the Czech Gate (or Porta Bohemica), popularly called “a Czech Garden”.