A "bolleke Koninck" is the best-known product of the De Koninck brewery. It is cherished by every resident of Antwerp and, as a visitor, you cannot leave Antwerp without having tasted it. In addition, the large bell-shaped glass is perfectly suited to taste a Bolleke on a terrace or at the bar of an Antwerp pub, the ideal setting for this delicious route through the city of Antwerp!

The Taste of Antwerp is the biggest culinary festival in Antwerp. The festival has been substantially growing every year. The great selection of participating top restaurants, the beautiful location next to the Schelde, and the creative execution (decoration, fresh herbs, wooden plates) make this festival one of the top culinary festivals in Belgium.

Nowhere else in Flanders will you find such a concentration of religious places as in the Antwerp Kempen. The legacy of friars and beguines does not only consist of magnificent buildings and superb landscapes, they also like to spoil you with a variety of regional delicacies: crispy bread, strong cheese and heavenly beers.