Winter Food Festival is a unique festival in Slovakia. Third year offers a chance to taste 40 of the best Slovak restaurants according to popular guide Gourmet in Slovakia. During the festival, restaurants offer next to their regular menu also a special festival menu for discounted price! Festival menu consists of three meals in categories: Our iconic meal, Regional flavours and Our mothers’ recipe.

During the summer many fruits ripen, so they have also become part of the traditional Slovak recipes. The cooked dough dishes are some of the most popular among them, where besides gnocchi and  noodles, potato dumplings with fruit belong to. Many different kinds of fruit can be used for its preparation, but the most common are cherries, strawberries, apricots, plums and  blueberries.

Plums Day Events

The Kingdom of Plums in Slovakia is located in its western rural Myjava region, which features picturesque rural settlements. Some tough guys may enjoy drinking plum brandy, while others are invited to learn about the authentic process of making the plum jam.