Cheeses are, by excellence, part of the South Carpathians culinary and cultural tradition and its diversity is given by its high pastures and specific production techniques. Our route goes from East towards West along the Cindrel Mountains and passes through stunning places!

The festival, at its second edition, aims to promote the local food culture from Southern Transylvania. The visitors will have the opportunity to discover and understand the authentic local gastronomy, both food and seasonal recipes, through seven culinary events.

This hearty soup, pronounced ‘looshcosh’ in Romanian, hails from Ardeal (a region of Transylvanian Romania) and probably comes from the Hungarian soup called lucskos kaposzta.

Pancakes, or clatite, are a big part of the Romanian dining experience. Most restaurants, from the lowliest neighbourhood carciuma (a kind of bar-bistro) to the more elegant downtown restaurant will serve pancakes of some sort.

During February each year, before the beginning of the Easter Lent, the Pancake Festival takes place in Prejmer, Brașov County. This is a traditional event in honour of those who returned to German after 1989 after living in Prejmer for a long time. The festival mixes folklore and gastronomy with the region’s typical pancakes, which feature as the stars of the menu and of the most anticipated event: the Pancake Caravan.