Smederevo Autumn Festival is a tourist and economic manifestation held every September and devoted to grape picking and wine making, with defile of medieval knights and rich cultural and artistic program that take place in the famous Smederevo Fortress and on the city squares.

Sumadijski Tea Recipes

There are many varieties of šljivovica (a distilled beverage made from plums) in Serbia. What is common is the scent of plums, a golden colour and the Central Serbia intoxicating power of a strong liquor. Less alcoholic, but no less tasty, is a drink prepared from šljivovica when the weather is cold. During winter, when a slava (the feast day of a family’s patron saint) is celebrated, the drink of choice is Šumadija tea or mulled plum brandy.

The Bacon Festival is one of the most well known gourmet events in Serbia. With a long history (it was first celebrated in 1988), it’s an authentic tourist attraction in Kačarevo, in northern Serbia. It’s the ideal place to taste different kinds of bacon and sausages, discover “the best bacon” in a big competition and enjoy traditional products such as handmade candies or chocolates.