Steak Tartare Recipes

After several years of absence, snack bars or "milk bars" are returning in growing numbers to the streets of Polish cities. They are small bistros open 24/7 where you can enjoy a shot of vodka and a traditional snach "on the hop", or try old-school staple bar foods like this steak tartare.

Poppy seed cakes are considered a sign of opulence; hence Polish desserts cannot have enough of them. They are often further enriched with honey, dried fruit and nuts. This dish called Kutia in Polish is a traditional Christmas dessert.

Cheesecake Recipes

Traditional Polish pastries are sweet and very filling. The proof is in the Polish cheesecake, which consists of a curd cheese filling mixed with glazed fruit placed on a crumbly short crust base.

Poish forests have an abundance of wilde game and it is no wonder that traditional Polish cuisine has been so rich in game for centuries.

Polish Goose Recipes

If you want to try traditional Polish cuisine, look at the delicious recipe of Goose Stuffed with Buckwheat Groats and Apples. The most important ingredients are goose and apples, which add an unmistakable flavor to this typical dish. You will discover what a true pleasure it is to savour this  cuisine.

Sour rye soup or żurek is a very traditional and nutritious Polish soup with a delicate and extremely palatable taste.

Cabbage Soup Recipes

The Cabbage Soup with Smoked Ribs (Kapusniak) is a tasty Polish dish prepared from a blend of cabbage, ribs and vegetables. Sometimes Polish cabbage soup is served with fried smoked bacon which adds a special taste to this typical dish.