The Tokaj region is famous for its delicious sweet wine, typical for Slovakia and Hungary. A good time to taste the best Tokaj wine is at the end of September (25th - 26th) when the village of Čerhov hosts a lively wine festival.

Winter Food Festival is a unique festival in Slovakia. Third year offers a chance to taste 40 of the best Slovak restaurants according to popular guide Gourmet in Slovakia. During the festival, restaurants offer next to their regular menu also a special festival menu for discounted price! Festival menu consists of three meals in categories: Our iconic meal, Regional flavours and Our mothers’ recipe.

Goose Feast Events

Veľké Trakany, village located in south-eastern corner of Slovakia, only a few kilometres from Hungary and Ukraine, will host the Goose Feast (Svätomartinský Festival) and market of home made products. Authentic experience with cross-border international participation!

Hrudka is a traditional meal of Eastern Slovakia and it's an essential part of the Easter table. Eggs were considered the symbol of life and fertility and because of that, food made of eggs was served especially during Easter (celebrated in spring), when nature wakes up after winter rest. 

Hidden in the beech forests, Štós is certified climatic spa and one of the healthiest places in Slovakia. Its 132-year anniversary will be celebrated by tasty food according to recipes of Slovak celebrities. Thousands of people are expect to attend this tasty event.

Long-time vinicultural traditions come alive during this event bringing together some of the best local and international wines.

Tokají is a famous wine region in Hungary and Slovakia. It is well known all over the world for its Tokají Aszú, a dessert wine that Louis XIV called “Wine of Kings, King of Wines”. The Tokají Wine Route introduces visitors to the magical landscape of Tokaj and its unique, deep underground cellars, carved into the rock, where such wines have been produced for thousands of years.