The fame of the Fiesta del Marisco (Seafood Festival) has travelled beyond Galicia's borders and each year more and more visitors are drawn to the quality and variety of the best gastronomic products from the Rías Bajas. You can see and taste them on the stands at the fairground, prepared in traditional or innovative ways, while enjoying the traditional music and dance performances. 

The Octopus Festival is celebrated in the village of O Carballiño, in Galicia, on the second Sunday of August. It takes place beside the Arenteiro River, in the Municipal Park of the city, in the middle of a pine and eucalyptus forest. This is a National Tourist Interest Celebration that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Under vines beside the Atlantic Ocean grows a unique grape, Albariño. Rías Baixas Designation of Origin wines are made exclusively with grape varieties native to the area, and methods of cultivation must respect traditional customs, which makes the landscape of this wine-growing area very different from other Spanish territories.

"Iter Vitis - The Ways of the Vine in Europe” is a door onto exceptional wine territories. Certified by the Council of Europe in 2009, this cultural route is about discovering great wines, the finished product, but also unique landscapes, ancient know-how, historical vineyards and the people living there.