Karjalanpiirakat come from Karelian kitchen and they are a great gift for Finnish food tradition. Recipe of the pies were spread first from Karelia to East Finland after the wars and then to the whole country. Finnish adapted these pies quickly to their ordinary and festival cuisine. Nowadays some find it easier just to buy pies ready made from grocery store, but baking the pie oneself is almost just as easy as well.

Finnish eat a lot of bread and they consume it even 50kg/110lbs each, every year! One of the most popular and traditional breads in Finland is Rye Bread (Ruisleipä). There are many recipes for this dark bread and each part of Finland seems to have their own traditional way of making it. Here is one basic recipe for good and healthy fiber rich Finnish Rye Bread.

Cinnamon Buns, or Korvapuustit in Finnish, are buns filled with cinnamon, sugar and butter. Cinnamon Buns are served oven warm with a glass of ice cold milk. Cinnamon Buns are sure to reward your taste buds! Finnish love their Cinnamon Buns and these buns even have their own annual National Day, which is celebrated every 4th of October.

Restaurant Day is a worldwide food carnival when anyone can set up a restaurant, café or a bar for a day. It can happen anywhere: at your home, at the office, on a street corner, in your garden or inner courtyard, at a park, or on the beach – only your imagination is the limit.


The genuine taste of Finnish Food derives from its pure lakes, farmlands and forests.  Taste its sweetness with this delicious recipe.