Comprising the expanse of the mountainous areas of both Larnaka and Lefkosia, this varied route is one that marries the old viticultural history of the island with the new, modern face of the winemaking industry.

When you first walk into a Cypriot bakery you will be overwhelmed with the amazing smell of freshly baked bread neatly lined up, rack after rack of huge village loaves.

Souvlaki, souvlakia or kebab, irrespective which name you pick, you will get one of the most popular dishes in Cyprus. Souvlakia are small pieces of pork, skewered and roasted over a slow charcoal fire and eaten with chopped onion, salt and pepper in a pitta, a flat, unleavened bread. 

Your house will fill with the heady scent of cinnamon and rosewater when cooking these wonderfully delicious sweet cheese puffs...the essence of Cyprus.

Ladies' Fingers Recipes

Daktyla are delicious Cyprus sweets in the shape of fingers, dipped in syrup and filled with almonds and cinnamon.

Wild and beautiful!

Pine and vines grow freely into the mountainsides exuding rural charm. Neat villages and friendly people complete the picture.

A trip that takes you back in time, to the secrets of the island's most ancient and famous wine, the world famous Commandaria.

The foothills of Troodos are a lovely sight!

Renowned wine villages in an effortless journey through beautiful scenery. A stronghold of traditional wine making with an excellent choice of local wines.

Driving along the path of the river... and of history!

A fascinating journey along the Diarizos river, through beautifully unspoiled green surroundings, decked with picturesque vineyards and attractive scenery.

Glyko Karydaki Recipes

"Glyka tou koutaliou" are sweet preserves served in a tiny spoon as a gesture of Cypriot hospitality.  These spoon sweets are made from unusual fruits and vegetables, like figs, cherries, watermelon peel, walnuts or almond stuffed baby aubergines. They are often flavoured with cinnamon or pelargonium leaves. A wonderful sweet treat enjoyed with a Cypriot coffee or a glass of cold water.