Cucumber Soup Recipes

Tarator (Cucumber Soup) is one of the traditional Bulgarian dishes. It is prepared mainly in summer months given its cooling effect, but many people prepare it all year long. In the various parts of the country you can taste various recipes for ths delicious soup.

Shishche or grilled meat pieces on spits is a delicious and very popular dish all over Bulgaria, usually prepared on barbeques. Shishche is certainly present on the menu of every picnic in the countryside, along with kebapches, meat balls and steaks.

Bean Soup Recipes

Bean Soup is a traditional dish in Bulgarian cuisine which is very delicious and easy to prepare. Although traditionally served on Christmas Eve together with other vegetarian dishes, it is also prepared during the rest of the year. It is very important that the beans are good, not too old, and for them to soak in water for a few hours, after which they must be drained.