General information

The Žućenica, which originates from the Coastal Region of Montenegro, is a kind of wild lettuce which is very popular all over the country. In its honor, the village of Tivat celebrates a traditional gastronomy festival called Žućenica Fest. One of its highlights is a traditional gastro-show ("Pijat of Žućenica") in which 200 innovative dishes based on Žućenica are made and shown to visitors. Inventive chefs mix it with prosciutto and fish, shellfish or seafood, or chicken, poured with eggs and sour cream to make some really creative recipes.

Besides the review and tasting of various creative dishes, visitors also have a chance to enjoy the entertainment program, which features different groups and "mažuretkinje” (sort of cheerleaders)

The program also includes a multimedia event called "The Sea of Polished Stone” which is dedicated to the history of Boka's music in the past thousand years, so visitors have the opportunity to experience songs and dance from the Bay of Kotor, performed by vocal and instrumental soloists, dancers and folk musicians.

The event is an excellent opportunity to discover Tivat, though considered to be the youngest town in Boka Kotorska Bay, it has a rich heritage thanks to its archeological sites.