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Fiori d'Inverno

Questa mostra-mercato è dedicata ai 3 prodotti tipici del territorio: Radicchio Rosso Tardivo di Treviso, Asparago Bianco di Badoere e Radicchio Verdon, che costituiranno anche gli ingredienti base delle numerose specialità che si potranno gustare presso lo stand gastronomico.

A corredare il tutto intrattenimento musicale e mercatino dell’artigianato lungo le vie del centro di Quinto di Treviso durante la giornata di domenica 30 marzo 2014.

Visitors to Veneto should not miss the crispiness of the two types of Venetian Chicory. The well-known Red Chicory of Treviso and the multi-coloured Chicory varieties of Castelfranco have both been awarded the prestigious IGP badge (European Protected Geographic Indication trademark). These two vegetables are worthy of being called "flowers”. The first one has bright red flowers standing out against the brilliant whiteness of its ribs and the second is reminiscent of a rose with its broad cream-colored leaves with red dots.

The best way to see, taste and enjoy them is at Winter Flowers Exhibition, held during January and bringing together several seasonal market-exhibitions from the provinces of Treviso and Venice. The event ends with “Spring colours and flavours” (Colori & Sapori di Primavera), which is held from 27th to 30th March 2014 in Quinto di Treviso.

During this food fair, as well as chicory, visitors will be able to taste another local product - the white asparagus from Badoere. The chicory and asparagus form the base ingredients of many of the specialties that can be enjoyed in the region.

On Sunday 30th a craft market along the downtown streets of Quinto di Treviso will be held where visitors can also enjoy a programme of musical entertainment.