General information

Located in the middle of Valcamonica (Lombardy Region), Bienno is a medieval village especially renowned for iron manufacture, but it also has a remarkable heritage to be discovered. The historical center is well preserved and the medieval urban structure is visible in the many houses as well as in some palaces that overlook the narrow and picturesque alleys.

On Sunday, February 9th in the morning, Taste of Borgio takes place in a local market. It gathers together many local farmers and is a good occasion to discover regional flavours and products. The market lasts until 1 pm, so the best way to complete the visit to Borgio is by having a good traditional meal and a walk around the medieval village.

The testimony of a centuries-old culture of work, the indelible traces of past historical and artistic importance, the presence of a unique natural environment and tasty gastronomic traditions make Bienno an area of ​​great interest which will be exciting to discover.