General information

The Budapest Pálinka Festival is one of the must-see events in the Hungarian capital and quite possibly, the most authentic pálinka festival in Hungary! Pálinka is a type of brandy distilled from a variety of fruits mainly grown on the Great Hungarian Plains. It’s a Hungarian gastronomic symbol with a long history that dates back over 500 years. There are numerous events held in its honour all over the country, but the Budapest Pálinka Festival is probably one of the most famous of the pálinka merriments.

During this four-day event, visitors can not only enjoy pálinka, but can also sample Hungarian delicacies, listen to live music and see some of the city’s most beautiful sights. The Pálinka Festival usually takes place in one of the most picturesque places in Budapest, the Buda Castle, and with its unique views is especially lovely at night (the programmed activities usually start around noon and end around midnight).

Guests will be able to taste over 300 different types of pálinka at the trend-setting festival which features a locally-grown fruit used to make this incomparable Hungarian spirit. All major pálinka producers, along with some smaller, family-run distilleries showcase their finest spirits at this annual event.

Pálinka is best accompanied with Hungarian delicacies and music. Visitors can chose their preferred accompaniment from the many various food stalls offering snacks and other more gourmet pálinka companions, such as cheese and chocolate. Live music sets the mood and helps makes this event even more enjoyable.