General information

Every September the town of Sombor hosts the International Festival of Food and Ethno-Food that promotes organic farming and autochthonous products. During the event, visitors have the chance of get in touch with Serbia’s “green revolution” and discover their traditional salaš farms where they will experience the healthy, green and hospitable Serbia, as well as taste a diverse range of gastronomic dishes made with fresh organic products.

The Sombor “slagani” (layered) cheese ripening in wooden barrels as well as the popular “Somboka”, a variety of red chilli peppers are must sees. In fact, the area is famous for its production of chilli peppers, whose quality and taste is known across Europe and recognised as one of the best on the continent.

Apart from partaking in the organic food, visitors can also enjoy Vojvodina’s great cultural heritage. Especially notable sites of the town include Carriages Square and the Town Hall, the central architectural symbol of the town, and there is also a gallery dedicated to the works of the great Serbian painter Milan Konjović where his paintings in fiery colours, depicting fruit of the fields of “blazing Vojvodina” can be found.