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Herkkujen Suomi

Herkkujen Suomi: Lähiruoan suurtapahtuma Herkkujen Suomi Helsingin Rautatientorilla. Herkkuja maistatti ja myi yli sata lähi- ja luomuruoantuottajaa. 

‘Delicacies of Finland’ (Herkkujen Suomi) is a culinary event that takes visitors through the world of Finnish flavours. This three day long event brings Finnish provincial specialties to Helsinki: it showcases a wide range of regional goods and local and organic food from small manufacturers and producers can be found by visitors at Rautatientori square.

Everything from organic meat, fish, cheese, fresh vegetables, bread, pastries, berries, jams, juices and a whole lot of more can be found at the event and there are also plenty of tasty treats that can be bought and enjoyed at home.

The event has become a must in Helsinki and over the last few years it has received over 60,000 visitors all joining in to create the relaxed atmosphere in the centre of the city that the event offers, as well as its mix of smells, tastings, good drinks and many culinary experiences accompanied by music performances which help to stimulate visitors’ appetites. Entrance to the event is free.