General information

During the event you can taste many different dishes and drinks made out of strawberries and asparagus. Let’s not forget about aphrodisiac effect of strawberries and asparagus. You can surprise your life partner with this delicious fruit-vegetable combination and take him or her for a spin on the dance floor enjoying the lively sounds of local music band Litijski odmev. The children can vent their extra energy in the creative corner.

The purpose of the event Day of strawberries and asparagus is to promote local self-sufficiency in food and give an extra spark to a countryside life. Organizer is a group of local associations and local community of Breg – Tenetiše. At the event are participating local farms, producers of strawberries and asparagus and many Slovenian manufacturers of arts and crafts. Each year, the gathered funds of the event are used for a cause that benefits the local community. In previous years, the local firehouse station was renovated. This year hopefully the sufficient funds will be gathered to repay a loan for a new fire truck.