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Serranía de Ronda Wine Route

Serranía de Ronda Wine Route

The geological diversity of the local soils, together with the altitude and climate conditions make up a bio-diverse landscape producing red,...Learn More
Old Viennese Yeast Gugelhupf with raisins © Austrian National Tourist Office / Schardt

Old Viennese Yeast Gugelhupf

While Austrian cake-makers may indeed be famed for their Gugelhupf, the cake itself was actually known to the Romans in 2000 BC. They even enjoyed...Learn More
Šelinka Soup

Selinka Soup

Šelinka is a thick soup made from celeriac roots and leaves, potatoes, carrots and spices. A pig's trotter or some other piece of smoked or dried...Learn More
Panna Cotta Asparagi di Santena

Asparagus Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta Asparagi di Santena is different type of panna cotta Learn More

Best of the West

Best of the West profiles west coast food, drink, music and crafts in one of the most spectacular settings in Scotland, Inverary Castle...Learn More
Erdäpfelblattlen (Potato slices)

Potato Slices

“Erdäpfelblattlen” (potato slices) are a traditional dish in Valle Isarco/Eisacktal Valley. Especially during the time of the traditional “...Learn More
Hills of Dolenjska

Wine Growing Region of Dolenjska

Meeting the unique Cviček! Several grape varieties grow in Dolenjska, with Žametovka as the basis, Modra Frankinja,...Learn More
Nut and Chocolate Gugelhupf © Austrian National Tourist Office / Schardt

Nut and Chocolate Gugelhupf

The Austrians are convinced that the word “Gugelhupf” origins in the Middle High German “gugele” (monk’s hood) and “hopf” (yeast). It...Learn More
The Šempas Wine Festival

The Šempas Wine Festival

During this traditional two-day wine Festival in...Learn More
Sauerbraten and Potato Dumplings


Sauerbraten and Potato Dumplings, a true German favorite Learn More

Bertrix' Wine Producers Festival

Come to Bertrix in Wallonia (Belgium) and discover many sorts of wines from various regions in Europe.   Learn More

Polenta with Cheese

Polenta is a cornmeal mush mixed during its cooking with different cheeses and butter. It is a...Learn More

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