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Napoli Pizza Village

Napoli Pizza Village

As the home of Italy’s most famous export, the pizza, Naples rightly holds a big celebration in its honour ...Learn More

Jeruzalem Wine Route

The Jeruzalem Wine Route is a fascinating journey through “the Slovenian land of wine”, that lets visitors discover a paradise of beautiful...Learn More
Kapitelplatz, Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH, Bryan Reinhart

Culinary Festival „EAT & MEET"

In the city of Salzburg the month of March is marked by the EAT & MEET culinary festival. Learn More
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fair

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fair

Visitors will be able to learn about, taste, and buy the highlighted product of the event—the extra-virgin olive oil—as well as other local...Learn More
Wine Festivals in Little Carpathians

Wine Festival in Pezinok

September is the perfect time to visit the Little Carpathian wine region near Bratislava. During the Festival, Pezinok, the wine capital of...Learn More
Feta cheese


Feta is Greek’s main cheese being made since ancient times. It is produced from sheep’s milk or a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk, where goat’s...Learn More
Pyrenees Artisan Cheese Fair

Pyrenees Artisan Cheese Fair

As part of the millennial Fair of St. Ermengol, every year Seu d'Urgell in the Pyrenees celebrates its Artisan Cheese Fair, which brings together...Learn More
The salt pans where ?Sal de Tavira?/?Flor de Sal de Tavira? are produced

Sal de Tavira/Flor de Sal de Tavira

‘Sal de Tavira/Flor de Sal de Tavira’ are sea salts that have specific physical and chemical properties which differ from those of common salt....Learn More
Zagreb Wine Festival

Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival

The Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival is a young gastronomic event that in only a few years has become the most important international wine and food...Learn More

Days of Honey

An event of the show-and-sell character.  The event is regional and gathers beekeepers from both Montenegro and neighbouring countries. Learn More
Sweet cheese and strawberry dumplings

Strawberry Dumplings

Czech cuisine is known for the amount of sweet dishes that visitors happily eat for dessert or as a main course. These sweet cheese and strawberry...Learn More
Assumption Day

Assumption Day

The traditional holiday of Spodnja Idrija attracts many visitors and pilgrims every year. The centre of the celebration is the picturesque church...Learn More

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