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Wine region of Kapela

Wine Growing Region of Podravje

Come and have a glass! The wine-growing region of Podravje extends through the north-eastern part of Slovenia. The...Learn More
Oil Gugelhupf with aranzini © Austrian National Tourist Office / Schardt

Aranzini Gugelhupf

Oil cakes have a long tradition especially in Mediterranean countries where olive oil is abundant. In Austria sunflower or rape oil is used...Learn More
Caciatello dessert

Caciatello Dessert

Caciatello must be enjoyed with a glass of Moscato or prized Oro dei Goti dessert wine. This delicious dessert is very popular in the Republic of...Learn More
Largs Viking Festival

Largs Viking Festival

This year’s Largs Viking Festival will run from Saturday 29 August to Sunday 6 September. Enjoy a bespoke food and drink festival, alongside...Learn More
Sausage Making Competition at the Csaba Sausage Festival

Csaba Sausage Festival

Join hundreds of visitors interested in the cultural and gastronomic traditions of this unique area of the Southern Great Hungarian plain. Teams...Learn More
Young cyclists in a vineyard, near Bad Dürkheim

Dürkheim Sausages Fair

Dürkheim Sausages Fair (Wurstmarkt) is internationally well known as the world’s biggest wine festival and is one of the most popular culinary...Learn More
Navarra Wine Route

Navarre Wine Route

Navarre Wine Route travels through the very heart of Navarre, where the landscape becomes gentler, rivers run slower and the climate is milder....Learn More
Vegetable Day

Vegetable Day

An exhibition of home-grown Prekmurje vegetables, tasting vegetable meals and a lecture held by a professional. Learn More

Rosalia 2016 - Rosé and Sparkling Park

Rosalia Festival — an easy-going welcome of summer, street food and live concerts in the heart of the most famous park of Budapest! Taste...Learn More
Homemade bread

Lithuanian Bread

Bread is a symbol of food in Lihuania’s culture where it is repared with rye flower and imprinted with the sign of the cross that it never runs...Learn More

Istanbul Gastronomy Festival

A total of 2,000 chefs from over 25 countries come together in Istanbul to participate in the International Gastronomy Festival. This is an annual...Learn More

Bara Brith

Bara Brith translates to ‘speckled bread’ and is a rich fruit loaf made with tea. Produced all over Wales, the spiced fruit loaf is delicious when...Learn More

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