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Budapest Wine Festival

Every September tens of thousands of people visit Buda Castle to celebrate wine at Hungary's greatest wine festival. In the unique setting...Learn More


This is a wonderfully refreshing dessert and goes well with triantafilo, our rose-flavoured ice cream. Look out for the Mahalepi vendor in Cyprus...Learn More
Fillet of trout with forest mushrooms

Trout Fillet with Forest Mushrooms

The lake trout “swims across” national borders and makes itself at home in deep, oxygen-rich lakes: in northern Russia, in Scandinavia, in the...Learn More

Rice Sowing Festival

The Rice Sowing Festival remembers how the works of the rice (sowing and harvest) were done at the beginning of last century. Learn More
Scotland's Salmon Festival

Scotland's Salmon Festival

As part of Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink, the festival promises a splash of fun and fascinating events, all while raising awareness of...Learn More
Ruta del Xató

Xató Route

Forty kilometres far from Barcelona and Tarragona, there is a Culinary Tourism Proposal, organized by the areas of Alt Penedès, Baix Penedès and...Learn More
Wine Festivals in Little Carpathians

Wine Festival in Pezinok

September is the perfect time to visit the Little Carpathian wine region near Bratislava. During the Festival, Pezinok, the wine capital of...Learn More
 Asturias landscape

Route of the Asturian Country Flavours

This route through the rural areas of Asturias allows us to get to know the traditional ways of producing of such emblematic products as the local...Learn More

Kraski Med Honey

The varied flora of the Slovenian Karst area, its particular geo-climatic conditions and its lengthy beekeeping tradition, which go back a very...Learn More
Artisan Catalan Cheese Fair

Artisan Catalan Cheese Fair

A great food celebration with good prices! By the time Easter gets to the Pyrenees, Sort becomes the capital of Catalan artisan cheese making with...Learn More

Vadehavsstude Meat

The meat from "Vadehavsstude" comes from young cattle that graze on Denmark's west coast and has a distinct flavour due to the meadows' salt...Learn More
Vipava valley

Wine Growing Region of the Vipava Valley

Furthest extent of the Mediterranean In addition to the well-known wine grape varieties which grow in the Primorska region...Learn More

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